Every Oscar winner for Best Cinematography!

Master of French cinema Robert Bresson famously wrote in his book, Notes on the Cinematographer: “Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”

Certainly no one might ever have seen every Oscar winner for Best Cinematography strung together so elegantly were it not for this stunning supercut, here to whet your Oscars appetite. In under 8 minutes, Andy Schneider & Jonathan Britnell of Burger Fiction show the most striking and iconic images from every film to have won the coveted award since the inception of the Academy Awards in 1928. The result is a dizzying array of cinematic delights for the eye.

Watching the evolution is like taking a film history class on speed. Differences and similarities emerge as the images sharpen from the grand black and white of “Gone With the Wind,” to the crisp neons in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” all the way up to Emmanuel Lubezki’s triple whammy wins for “Gravity,” “Birdman,” and “The Revenant.”


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